Cherry chest - beforeCherry chest - after

Before                                                                         and After .....

I have compiled the following images for you so that you can see for yourself the extensive restoration work necessary for worn out and badly damaged furniture. Recorded here are some individual restorations.

Water damage to a German "Sekretär"

Ornate desk - beforeOrnate desk - after

            Before                                                                and After .....

Here is the worst damage

Veneer - before Veneer - after

when dismantled ready for restorationWhen finished


 An almost demolished Victorian Balloon backed dining chair

 chair - before   restored to former glory    chair - after


A nice example of a German Ladies writing desk

  Ladies Desk - before (1024x768)    Ladies Desk - damage (1024x768)

Wear and tear...   and water marks ....

Ladies Desk - after (1024x768)

.... fully restored

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